WhatsApp for Defamiliarizing Foundation Year English Learners: A Collaborative Action Research Evaluation

Author: Ibrahim Garba

Keywords: Second language learning M-learning Collaborative action research Transformational learning

DOI: 10.1007/978-3-030-22964-1_10

We undertook two cycles within a collaborative action research by asking how using WhatsApp supports second language learners understanding of instruction, promoting, task achievement, enjoyment and creativity of learning English in class and online in Blackboard. We gathered data using a survey which indicated the advantages, challenges and learning opportunities of using WhatsApp in the first cycle. In the second cycle, the focus group, data from Blackboard and observations indicate using WhatsApp was ‘enjoyable’ and ‘refreshing’. The collaborative action research prompted our conclusion for using provided a positive evaluation for using WhatsApp to encourage learning across the university for providing language learning instructions either in class or online in Blackboard.