Vocabulary Vignettes and technology

Author: Ibrahim Garba

Keywords: Vocabulary, Vignettes, technology


This chapter considers the role of vignettes in facilitating vocabulary
expansion and enrichment. It also reflects on how technology can assist
and promote such an initiative. After explaining the concept of a vignette
the essay goes on to discuss the interplay between technology and
education in general, and technology and language teaching / learning in
particular. The use of technology in language instruction in the authors’
own teaching environment is included in the discussion. Three vignettes,
each with a different target word and each written under a different genre,
have been selected for more detailed exploration. Each vignette is
accompanied by an infograph which must feature in a potential video
display. The different ways in which these vignettes can be presented
using audio – and video technology are explained. The chapter concludes
with some salient issues that have been and will continue to dominate
research into technology and classroom teaching. The need for proper
planning and teacher professional development are among the major