Translation Software: A Two-Edged Sword – Feedback from the Industry

Author: Nadia Khiati

Keywords: Algerian Hydrocarbon industry, English, french, Machine translation,


The present paper tackled one aspect of the findings emanating from current Ph.D. research as to the actual experiences of industry professionals from two subsidiaries of the Algerian energy company with translation. Based on a questionnaire administered to 132 employees, and an interview conducted with 43 of them, the findings revealed that the engineers’ use of translation helped handle English language challenges; fostered information sharing; and, to a lesser extent, allowed for knowledge transfer. The findings also pointed to the role of the senior engineers’ language and specialist knowledge in checking the quality of automatic translation. This paper ends up with a call for more training to improve the local staff’s English skills and for the creation of a language/translation department to facilitate the engineers’ professional performance.