Towards Humanizing ELT: Revisiting the Need for English in the Medical Context in Yemen


Keywords: ESP, humanizing curriculum, needs analysis, medical English, post-method

DOI: Language Teaching and Educational Research (LATER),1(2), 121-138.

This paper delved into medical English in Yemen with intent to update the profile of needs of ESP (English for specific purposes). It departed from the humanistic approach to language teaching in the post-method era. 120 informants in the academic (present) and occupational (target) situations were sampled. Data were collected from this cohort via questionnaires and structured interviews and were analyzed quantitatively. The results showed a variety of needs for English in the present situation (PS) and target situation (TS). However,  these needs were tackled inadequately in the local context. Besides suggesting another approach to teaching English instead of the traditional ESP, the study concludes with some insights into maximizing chances of humanism in ELT. It accounts for allowing learners to have a say in what they learn and empowering teachers to shape their teaching. This would compensate for the shortcomings of formal instruction which has failed to accommodate the individual needs satisfactorily.