The Specificity of Using Modern Songs in Teaching English to First-Year Students at Ukrainian Universities

Author: Olena Byndas

Keywords: first-year students, implement, modern songs, a system of exercises, test, English teaching, Ukrainian universities


This study provides a theoretical and methodological basis for the use of modern songs in teaching English to first-year students, the development of an exercise system, its practical implementation, and the results of testing the effectiveness of this experiment. The relevance of the research is due to the high interest of young people, and first-year students as well, in learning English using modern songs, and the lack of sophistication of the technologies used to teach English to them. The analysis of the psychological and pedagogical features of the first-year students made it possible to conclude that this is an aging period of sharp contradictions in the structure of the personality, that is being formed. It requires a particular pedagogical and methodical skill from the teacher. Some tasks are sold while using the experimental investigation: implementing and testing the effectiveness of the exercises system. The analysis and synthesis of methodological literature, together with our results, showed that the use of modern songs in English classes is an effective method to master the language. It also helps to increase the productivity of them educational process.