The Impact of Texting on Comprehension


Keywords: Texting


This paper presents a study of
the effects of texting on English language comprehension. The authors
believe that English used in texting causes a lack of comprehension for
English speakers, learners, and texters. Wei, Xian-hai and Jiang
(2008:3) declare “In Netspeak, there are some newly-created
vocabularies, which people cannot comprehend them either from their
partial pronunciation or from their figures.” Crystal (2007:23) claims;
“variation causes problems of comprehension and acceptability. If you
speak or write differently from the way I do, we may fail to understand
each other.” In this paper, the authors conducted a questionnaire at
Aligarh Muslim University to ninety respondents from five different
Faculties and four different levels. To measure respondents’
comprehension of English texting, the authors gave the respondents
abbreviations used by texters and asked them to write the full forms of
the abbreviations. The authors found that many abbreviations were not
understood, which suggested that most of the respondents did not
understand and did not use these abbreviations.