The Impact of Reflective Practice Questionnaires on Tertiary Language Education

Author: Alona Litvinchuk

Keywords: assessment, language education, quality, questionnaire, reflection


The article deals with the impact of reflective practice questionnaires on Language for Specific Purposes teaching and learning at the tertiary education level. Reflection was recognized as an essential factor for improving teaching quality and students’ motivation to develop their skills in both native and target languages. To convey this idea, there was conducted a multistage survey to identify students’ language awareness and learning abilities, to examine their reflection on the course design and teacher’s performance, as well as to monitor their progress throughout the course. There was described a survey procedure with the samples of questionnaires to be used. The obtained findings allowed assessing the process of enhancing the quality of teaching and achieving learning outcomes by students. The authors suggested some practical techniques to help teachers apply meaningful strategies and guide their students through reflective learning by making them active participants in constructing knowledge and educational experiences.