The Effects of the Mother Tongue on Learning Writing Skills for EFL Students

Author: Nadia Ghounane



The use of the mother tongue in learning English language in general is apparent among first and second years LMD students in Algerian universities thinking that it may facilitate their learning. Hence, this may have also an effect on their writing skills. This research paper aims at shedding light on the interference of the first language in developing the writing competence of first and second years’ English students at Dr. Moulay Tahar University. It also endeavours to examine, describe and analyse the writing errors conducted in the written English production. To fulfill this aim, a sample of 50 students from first and second years was selected to conduct an error test; a questionnaire was distributed for 100 students in addition to an interview with teachers. The findings revealed that students have writing weaknesses due to their bad language proficiency. The results also demonstrated that learners do not understand language differences between their mother tongue and English language.