Successful Collaborative Writing Requirements

Author: Ahdab Saaty

Keywords: NA


Effective collaborative writing and learning research requires that the study’s context meets the conditions for successful collaboration to avoid
potential setbacks (Hewitt, 2001). Thus, researching the way Saudi female TESOL graduate students co-construct a written text in a wiki-based
collaborative writing task and the way they interact throughout the completion of that task, I applied the rules for successful collaboration (Saaty, 2018).The latter emphasize that to avoid failure in collaborative projects, it is important that from the beginning, the researcher determines the task, the participants’ readiness for collaboration, as well as the way collaborative work will be organized and delegated. I also considered adopting factors for successful collaboration (e.g. Green & Johnson, 2015) in the context of large-scale inter-institutional collaborative projects. Specifically, I focused on participants-related factors, such as their selection according to their background, knowledge, motivation, desired diversity, but also shared common ground. Additionally, I considered important project-related factors, such as clear goal-setting, and, most importantly, task selection that yields itself to collaborative rather than to individual completion. Here, I provide a summary of the requirements for the participants’ readiness for collaboration, the collaborative writing task, and the wiki technology used in conducing the task. These requirements could help researchers and instructors to avoid potential setbacks in collaborative writing.