Situating Technology to Transform Learners

Author: Ibrahim Garba

Keywords: situated-learning, constructivism, eLearning, blended learning, interactive crossword puzzles, English language learning


The chapter on technology and situated learning within the context of a higher educational institution provide access to internationalism and provision of technology for organisations to achieve their strategic objectives.  Language learners and instructors as exemplars present the challenges for using technology for learning at higher educational institutions (HEI). At the language learning level gauging meaning in social contexts through performing tasks as a group support access to learning at a comfortable pace not controlled by the instructor. Switching from the language learner using an Interactive Crossword Puzzle on a blended platform to the instructor, learning how to use technology requires active participation for meaningful learning to take place. The transfer of knowledge and skills from the learning environment to the organisation emphasises the ability of instructors and the support the instructors have for using technology to transform the organisation. The impact on the strategic goals of the organisation has implications of supporting the organisation to meet its students’ needs by transforming the organisation through its goals achievement.