Saudization of English: A study of the Innovative Linguistic and Textual Strategies in the Academic and Multiple Discourses of Saudi Arabia

Author: iesar ahmad khidmat Dar

Keywords: Eurocentric canons, multiple canons, pluralistic discourses, Saudization of English, textual strategies


The research work attempts to investigate that in any geographical contact zone, where the diverse languages and cultures intersect, there would inevitably be linguistic and cultural integration and assimilation. In a similar vein, the worldwide dissemination of the English language has radically shaped the linguistic and textual devices installed by the Saudi English writers in their texts. Besides, the Saudi English writers have reconstructed L2 (English) on the linguistic pattern of L1(Arabic) to foreground their distinctive ideological and cultural norms. Also, the research work investigates, can Saudi English be considered an authentic linguistic instrument? The researcher also has focused and authenticated on the emergence of Saudi English regarding the innovative linguistic and textual tactics inducted by the Saudi writers in their texts. Besides, the research study has investigated the reconstruction of L2 (English) on the lexical, rhetorical, and grammatical patterns of L1(Arabic). The research work also has a great significance regarding the pedagogical, and theoretical linguistic debate about the emergence of the Asian and African variants of Englishes. Likewise, the researcher has chosen the appropriating linguistic theory, and multiple canons approach as a theoretical framework to analyze the selected Saudi English texts. The research work also has concluded that the Saudi English has emerged as a practical linguistic instrument like any other Asian variants of Englishes. Consequently, the researcher has suggested to the Saudi English writers to reconstruct L2 (English) as a functional instrument to disseminate their national, ideological, and cultural norms for global readers