Prof. Dr. Sabah S. Al-Rawi

Prof. Dr. Sabah S. Al-Rawi is professor of Linguistics and Translation and is currently Head of the Department of English in the College of Languages, University of Baghdad, Iraq. He has been teaching English at the university for over 27 years. His area of research interests focuses on contrastive linguistics (English-Arabic) syntax, discourse analysis, corpus linguistics, translation and teaching English as a foreign language. He has supervised over 40 M.A. theses and   Ph.D dissertations in linguistics and translation.He has also published around 23 research papers and 21 translated articles in peer-reviewed journals.

He has been teaching both undergraduate and postgraduate students at the College of Languages since 1987 and has also been giving lectures in ESP to postgraduate students at the University of Baghdad and Al-Mustansiriya University, Iraq. He is currently supervising a PhD dissertation entitled “Colligation in Arabic-into-English Translation” He earned the title of “Distinguished Professor” of the College of Languages,  University of  Baghdad,  in the year 2000.

Personal Details:

Full name: Dr. Sabah S. Mustafa  Al-Rawi

Academic title: Professor

Place and date of birth: , Iraq/1956

Nationality: Iraqi

Marital status: Married

Contact :

  1. Office Address : University of Baghdad/College of Languages

b..  Mobile Phone : 07814054381

c..  E-mail Address :


-Ph.D. Degree in Linguistics and Translation Al-Mustansiriyah University, Iraq ( 1995)

( Dissertation Title ” A Study of Arabic Collocations with Reference to Translation into English”

-M.A. Degree in Linguistics ,College of Arts , University of  Baghdad (1983)

– B.A. Degree  in English Language and Literature ,College of Arts, University of Baghdad  ( 1977)


  1. Undergraduate Courses:

Grammar, English-Arabic-English Translation, syntax, Composition, Linguistics, Transformational Grammar, Phonetics , Comprehension, ESP

  1. Postgraduate Courses:

Linguistics, Contemporary English Grammar, Morphology , Psycholinguistics ,Sociolinguistics, Contrastive Linguistics, Theories of Translation, Semantics, Discourse Analysis ,ESP..

   Posts held:

  • 2017- up to now ,Editor-in-Chief ,Journal of the  College of Languages
  • 2013-2017 , Director the Consultation Bureau for  Foreign Languages and Translation, College of  Languages, University of Baghdad
  • 2012-2016 , Head of the English Department ,College of Languages . University of Baghdad
  •  2002-2006 ,Assistant Dean for Postgraduate Studies and Scientific Research ,College of Languages, University of Baghdad
  • 2003- 2006, Director of the Consultation Bureau for Foreign Languages and Translation .University of Baghdad
  • . 2003-2006 ,Head of the Language Proficiency Test Center No. 1,College of Languages . University of Baghdad
  • 2000-2002 , Head of the Department of English ,College of Languages,University of Baghdad
  • 1998-2001 , Director of the Consultation Bureau for Living Foreign Languages and —-Translation/College of Languages ,University of Baghdad .


Member ,    Iraqi Translators’  Association

Member , Executive Board, Arab Society of English Studies (ASELS)

Member ,  Advisory Board , Adab Alrafidian Journal

Member ,   Advisory Board   Al-Ma’arif Al-Jami’a Journal

Member, Advisory Board  Al-Ma’moon AL-Jami’a Journal

Member,  Advisory Board  Arab World English Journal(AWEJ)

Member , Advisory Board of  International New Research Journal

Vice-Editor –in –Chief   , Journal of Languages

Member ,  Advisory Board , Journal of the College of Languages

Supervision of postgraduate students

–  Supervised (35) postgraduate students. (10) Ph.D. and (25) M.A.


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Al-Ani Tariq , Sabah S. Al-Rawi  and Ammer  Al-Joubory  (1990 ) Scientific and Technical  Translation (English-Arabic) (1990)Baghdad : Al-Hikma House for  Publishing.


A.Books (from English into Arabic)

  1. Rudal H. Brain   and Thomas N. Corns (1987). Computer and Literature : A Practical Guide  الحاسبات الالكترونية والادب :  دليل تطبيقي  (Translated by  Al-Rawi Sabah  and Mohammed  Mowaffaq) Basra: Dar Al-Hikma for Publishing.

2.Johnes Tim and John Higgins( 1984)  Computers in Language Learning

في تعلم اللغات   الحاسبات الالكترونية

(Translated by Al-Rawi Sabah  ,Basim N. Al-Sammarrayi and Hameed M Fayyadh ) Baghdad : Higher Education Press.

  1. Articles Translated (from English into Arabic)

 د صباح صليبي الراوي (2014)” تفحص مفردات اللغة الانكليزية عند الترجمة” للكاتب بيتر نيومارك مجلة الالسن للترجمة العدد الثاني عشر ص 11-  16

د صباح صليبي الراوي (2010)” الترجمة بوصفها مجازا” للكاتب كريكوري راباسا  مجلة الالسن للترجمة العدد التاسع ص 32  -39

– د صباح صليبي الراوي (2008)”الافتراض السابق والترجمة” للكاتب بيتر فاوكت مجلة الالسن للترجمة العدد الثامن ص 6-12

د صباح صليبي الراوي (2005)” بعض الاتجاهات الحالية في نظرية الترجمة” للكاتب ديفد كريستل  مجلة الالسن للترجمة العدد السادس ص52-59

د صباح صليبي الراوي (2005) “حدود علم الاسلوب التطبيقي” للكاتب ديفد كريستل مجلة الالسن للترجمة العدد السادس ص-175- 181               

Conferences & Workshops

(1 ) Attending  4 conferences on Language & Translation ,University of Baghdad , Iraq.(2001-2015).

(2)conference  on Translation  at Applied  Science  University ,  Jordan ,2001

paper title ” Rendering Arabic collocations into English”

(3)  workshop on Teaching English as a foreign Language at  Guta Institute  in Germany  2004

(4) 19th International  TESOL Arabia  Conference  in Dubai  UAE  14-16 March 2013

Paper title(co-author) “Analyzing a corpus of Iraqi  student writing”

(5)workshop on  Methods of  Teaching  English  at Georgia State University ,USA in 1-30 July  2013.

Paper presented under the  title “How to teach English Adverbials effectively”

(6) Workshop on Teaching Translation b  at Leicester University , UK in 10 Nov. -10 Dec 2015.


  1. Proof-reader of over 40 M.Sc theses. & Ph.D. dissertations (ESP).
  2. Anonymous reviewer of over 44  research papers .
  3. Anonymous reviewer of over 40  theses & Ph.D  dissertations in Linguistics and Translation

4.Translator of  over  25 newspapers articles (English into Arabic)

  1. External examiner
  2. Member of Viva-Voice Examination Committee(over 40 MA Theses and PhD. Dissertations)