Prof. Dr. Nouredine Guella

Dr. Nouredine GuellaProf. Dr. Nouredine Guella is Professor of Linguistics at King  Saud University, College of Languages & Translation in Riyadh. He studied Linguistics in England where he earned  his Bachelor’s in Linguistics, his Master’s Degree and his PhD. Before joining King Saud University, Professor Guella had for many years taught English and Linguistics at the University of Oran, Algeria. He is currently teaching courses in Discourse Analysis, Semantics, Stylistics, Text  Linguistics and Contrastive Linguistics. Professor Guella is the author of several publications in French and English in the field of General and Applied Linguistics, and in different areas of Dialectology and Sociolinguistics. He  is currently working on areas of comparative linguistics and cross-linguistic phenomena, dialectology and sociolinguistics.