Prof. Dr. Mohamed Benzidan

Prof. Dr. Mohamed BenzidanProf. Dr. Mohamed Benzidan is Professor of English at Hassan II. Mohammedia/Casablanca University, Benmsik, Casablanca. He has a Third-Cycle Doctorate (1989) and a State Doctorate (2002) from Mohammed V University, Rabat. Besides his teaching responsibilities, he has chaired the department of English and is currently coordinating the Moroccan American Studies MA program. He was also Visiting Professor at Kennesaw State University during the Spring Term of 2012. His areas of interest cover literature, art, religion, and philosophy as forms of written discourse that differ in their intended impact
on the reader.  Among his publications are « The notion of Identity in Two Moroccan Novels », « Une Femme Tout Simplement : Vers Une Identité Pluriculturelle », and « Hope and Other Dangerous Pursuits : When the Writer is Docile. »