Private Tutoring and Public Schools in Algeria: Issues and Reflections

Author: Nadia Ghounane



Abstract- In the last decades, most of the parents turned their attention towards teaching their children private lessons especially in scientific fields; thinking that public education is no longer beneficial for them. In the light of this tight, the current research aims to shed light on the reasons that drive pupils to prefer private tutoring rather than public education. In other words, it endeavors to test the attitudes of the tutees and their performance in comparison to other pupils. In this vein, data were collected quantitatively and qualitatively using a questionnaire, an interview, and a classroom observation. Participants were selected from three levels at Mohamed Belkheir secondary school in Saida. To this end, the findings demonstrated that most of the tutees displace positive attitudes towards private education. The results also revealed that the central factor revolves around overcrowded classrooms and the poor level of teaching.
Keywords: attitudes, algerian educational system, private tutoring, public education, secondary school.