Language Games in Teaching and Learning English Grammar: A Literature Review


Keywords: ESL, grammar games, language games, learning grammar


Traditional teaching and learning process referring to chalk-and-talk has become outdated in lessons. Teachers and learners are exposed to various task-based process to encourage a better participation among learners throughout the lesson. One of the most common and preferred teaching strategies is the use of language games to aid the teaching of various skills. The growth of digital learning tools and web applications being used in lessons taking the use of language games to a modern and advanced platform for learners to engage in lessons. The use of interesting and suitable materials along with the various approaches when conducting language games during lessons helps to cater to learners’ needs and interests on the subject-matter especially in learning grammar in context. Many researches have used various language games to show its effects on learners ‘ knowledge, competency and motivation in learning a language, focusing on different targeted language areas and skills such as grammar. Therefore, this paper, based on reviews of past literature, will explore the use of language games in teaching and learning grammar, with reference to second language (ESL) learners. The findings indicate the beneficial usage of language games to teaching and learning of grammar in for ESL learners. This study is useful to prove the importance of language games as a teaching strategy to help enhance learners ‘ English grammar acquisition.