Verb Agreement in Iraqi Arabic and Modern Standard Arabic: A comparative Study

Author: Ali Hussein Hazem

Keywords: Subject-verb, Agreement, Head, Comparative, Syntax


The    present    study    deals    with    a comparative  study  of  subject  verb  agreement  in modern standard Arabic and Iraqi Arabic. It aims to show  the  differences  and  similarities  between  these two varieties. It is hypothesized that Iraqi dialect has full  agreement  between  the  subject  and  the  verb whereas Modern Standard Arabic in has only partial agreement.   Data   were   collected   from   authentic books  of  Arabic  and  from  native  speakers  of  Iraqi Arabic in Baghdad. The goal of this study then, is to raise  the  awareness  of  Learners  as  natives  on  the issues  of  sounds,  grammar,  and  vocabulary  since Arabic  language  lacks  such  dialectal  research.  The study   concludes   that   there   are   similarities   and differences   in   both   varieties.   The   findings   and conclusions  arrived  at  in  this  study  are  expected  to be worthy to pedagogical planners and planning, and for other academic purposes.