Jamal Mohamed Gaber

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Name:  Jamal Mohamed Gaber
Institution / University :  United Arab Emirates University
Country of your Institution / Work : United Arab Emirates
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Field / Major / Research Interest : Translation Studies / English language / Translation and language teaching / Translation teaching / Literary translation / Terminology translation / Contrastive word formation.
I am an experienced professor of translation, interpreting and English as well as professional translator and interpreter, with national and international experience. I have already worked in Libya, UK, and United Arab Emirates. I have taught English, translation and interpreting at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. In addition to teaching, my academic record includes syllabus design, curriculum development, translation evaluation, translator and interpreter training design, and language testing. My translation and interpreting accomplishment record includes the translation and interpreting of a wide range of genres and discourse types including political, business, legal, economic, banking, socio-cultural, and religious types.
I also have good supervision and managerial skills in corporate and educational environments. I have already worked as head of Translation Department, assistant-dean and dean of School of Languages for six years. People see me as a good team leader who has a clear vision of what he wants to do. I pay good attention to my professional development and I am always willing to accept new challenges. I can relate to a wide range of people from different cultures and I possess the ability to work both independently and in a team environment. I am ambitious, creative, highly motivated, very well organized, painstaking, and punctual in meeting deadlines, with excellent oral and written communication skills in both Arabic and English.
Title of Thesis / Dissertation: Translating Derivational Suffixes in Linguistics Terminology from English into Arabic.
Name of Adviser: Professor Yasir Suleiman
Titles of Publications: I. Books

  1. Terminology Translation: A Morphology-based Approach to the Translation and Standardization of Terminology. Academy Publishing House, Tripoli, Libya 2007.
  2. A Topical-Bibliographical Guide to Research in Translation Studies. Academy Publishing House, Tripoli, Libya 2007.
  3. Papers on Translation. Academy Publishing House, Tripoli, Libya 2007.
  4. Translation across Cultures (Proceedings of the 1st Annual Translation Conference, Department of Translation, Academy of Graduate Studies, 19-20/11/2005). Academy Publishing House, Tripoli, Libya 2007.
  5. A Textbook of Translation: Concepts, Methods and Practice. University Book House, Al-Ain, UAE. 2005.
  6. Manhajiyat al-Tarjamah al-’Adabiyyah bayna al-Nadariyyah wa al-tatbiiq- al-Nas al-Riwaa’i Namudhajan (Literary Translation Methodology: Theory versus Practice – The Novel as an Example). University Book House, Al-Ain, UAE, 2005.
  7. Refereed Book Chapters
  8. انعكاس الثقافة العربية الإسلامية في ترجمات منير البعلبكي الروائية. ‘Reflection of Arab-Islamic Culture in Munir Baalbaki’s Novel Translations’ in Al Tarjamah bayna tajalliyaat al-lughah wa faa‘ilyat al thaqaafah (Translation between the Prominence of Language and the Influence of Culture), edited by Mohamed Farghal and Ali Al-Mana, Sayab Series, Book 3, London, October, 2013. pp. 207-223.
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III. Refereed Journal Papers

  1. Implications of Lexical Choices in Translating Novels as Literary Texts: The Case of A Farewell to Arms in Arabic. Journal of Translation and Technical Communication Research (trans-kom) 8 [2] (2015): 415-445.
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  14. Refereed Conference Proceedings
  15. Teaching translation methodology to postgraduate students, Proceedings of the 1st Annual Translation Conference, held by the Department of Translation during the period 19-20 November 2005, Academy of Graduate studies, Tripoli, Libya.
  16. Factors Governing the Selection of Novels for Translation and Their Reception in the TL Culture: Socio-cultural Perspectives, in Proceedings of the 5th International Symposium on Comparative Literature: Translation, 15-17 December 1998, Department of English Language and Literature, Cairo University. Pp. 203-218.

Papers Accepted for Publication in internationally refereed journals:

1- ‘Differences in Word-formation between Arabic and English: Implications for Concision in Terminology Translation’, Al-‘Arabiyya (Journal of the American Association of Teachers of Arabic), USA, due in issue 50, November 2017.

2- ‘Translating the suffix -ism in linguistics terminology from English into Arabic’, The Journal of Specialized Translation, due in Vol. 28, July 2017.

Papers submitted for publication in internationally refereed journals

  1. A joint research paper entitled ‘Translating terms in context: The case of Translation Studies terminology between English and Arabic’ (with myself as a main author and Dr. Hala Sharkas as a co-author) was submitted to Translation and Interpreting Studies Journal in October 2017.
  2. A paper entitled “A methodology-based approach to teaching translation practice: A teacher’s approach and students’ evaluation” has been submitted for publication to The Interpreter and Translator Trainer Journal in January 2017.