Jamal A. Khlifat

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NaProfileme: Jamal A. Khlifat
Institution: University of Colorado, Boulder
Country: United States
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Field / Major / Research Interest:Linguistics: forensic linguistics, phonetics, phonology, documentation of the world’s endangered languages, pharyngealization and gemination in Levantine Arabic, syntax, and lexical semantics
I was born with a malleus in my ear enabling me to distinguish the different sounds exist in the disputed number of the world’s languages. I am into anatomizing those abstract units called phonemes to examine the phonetic variations that can be observed. There is nothing as intriguing as tracing the different forms a spoken message exists in its progress from the speaker’s mind to the listener’s. How this peculiar linguistic signal is converted into an acoustic one, which is, in turn converted into an electro-chemical signal in the brain to be later on decoded into segments, words and, ultimately, meanings, reveals the supernatural power that has created this linguistic physiological apparatus.