Investigating the Effectiveness of YouTube as a Learning Tool among EFL Students at Baghdad University

Author: Nawal

Keywords: E-learning, social media, YouTube, questionnaire, flipped classroom, EFL college students


YouTube is not just a platform that individuals share, upload, comment on videos; teachers and educators can utilize it to the best maximum so that students can have benefits. This study aims at investigating how active and influential YouTube can be in the educational process and how it is beneficial for language teachers to enhance the skills of students. The study demonstrates different theoretical frameworks that tackle the employment of technology to enhance the learning/teaching process. It relies on the strategies of Berk (2009) for using multimedia media, video clips in particular to develop the abilities of teachers for using  technology in classrooms. To achieve the objective of the study, the researchers develop a questionnaire and apply it to fourth-year college students, University of Baghdad, to give evidence and to prove the effectiveness of technology in the academic field. The paper examines classes where computers can be employed, and also shows the challenges that face teachers and educators concerning this application. The researchers conclude that YouTube is an essential tool in classrooms as it attracts the attention of students and develops their mentality and creativity. It also helps cover the materials comprehensively, especially language. YouTube brings the fun element into classes, which thereby meet the interests of students. Such findings have a significant impact on the learning process as the students will find the educational environment more encouraging and exciting. Besides, they find the material presented worth studying, and this way, they would appreciate the efforts exerted in explaining the information. The research intends to be of value to teachers for the use of technology and for students to have a better comprehension of the materials presented.