International Symposium: The Analysis of Discourse and Signifying Objects

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International Symposium: The Analysis of Discourse and Signifying Objects
Organized by the laboratory LOAPL Oran University, Algeria 3 – 4 December 4, 2014


Discourse analysis as a new approach to language productions, is located at the confluence of the language sciences and humanities ; it is open on multidisciplinary practices is an essential basis for high-level researchers . Training for speech analysis / should mobilize scientific analysis tools and give emphasis to new construction techniques databases and quantitative and qualitative treatment by implementing various corpora .
The research developed on the one hand , in the general field of linguistics as a theory of language and the other in the linguistic – textual complexity theory as the arrangements proposed in the text unit – provide the language of the concepts and models that discourse analysis needs to rethink but in a wider framework of complexity , integrating socio- historical data, categories and concepts to think about it for the task psycho- social conditions of production and reception .. for any text depends on the time constraints of gender and socio- discursive interaction ( Bronckart 1997 : 138).
Discourse analysis focuses on language and other forms of language . It therefore aims to develop a scientific approach to cultural practices , allowing the introduction of checklists able to account for how the allocation is done at a given object ( speech , text, iconic representations etc. . ) this or that direction. If the phenomenon commonly known as “difference of interpretation ” seems deeply embedded in the very nature of the interpretive process, it remains possible ( and desirable) to develop analytical tools – applicable to a variety of objects – for an approach to structured and hierarchical diversity observed in this area once. The concept of representation is at the heart of a problem that requires a redefinition of the representability of the object studied .
In this symposium , the proposed approach intends to promote the study of discourse and meaningful objects in context, whether it’s media discourse ( including the press) , commercials , literary texts, or even graphics and audio- visual productions . Particular attention will be given to events of argumentative strategies , narrative , descriptive , the expression of reasoning and the underlying ideology to any form of expression.
Such basic research on the relationship between forms , sources and meaning will naturally tested through its experimental application to university and secondary education activity or teaching / learning addition didactic transposition theoretical models developed.
This conference aims firstly to contribute to areas such as language teaching , publishing and lexicography (design general and specialized dictionaries and constitution of databases référencient texts and speeches collected for objective analysis and various didactisation , and secondly to cross multidisciplinary reflections related analysis / Speeches and Objects Signifiants .

Contributions will be listed in the following areas:
– Analysis of media and political discourse.
– Analysis of literary and artistic discourse.
– Discourse Analysis and Cultural Variations / Intercultural .
– Discourse Analysis and Language Teaching .

Call for Papers
Abstracts of paper proposals should not exceed 1500 characters ( including spaces) and must indicate the chosen axis , the title of the paper and the name, status and attaches author affiliation.
Proposals should be sent no later than September 1, 2014, as a Word document sent by mail to the laboratory /