Influence of information and communication technology (ICT) on English language structure


Keywords: Texting


This study investigates the
influence of Influence of information and communication technology (ICT)
on English language structure. The main objective of the present study
is to explore the linguistic features which characterize ICT and its
impact on Standard English.Baron (2008: ix) in her preface to Always on:
Language in an Online and Mobile World says; “In writing this book, I
have felt comparable frustration in attempting to characterize a
phenomenon in flux.” She continues “This time the challenge is not words
but technologies and the systems we build upon them for communicating
with one another.”

The data of the study were of two types; primary data and secondary
data. The data were collected from ninety students who were enrolled at
Aligarh Muslim University, India. The primary data were collected
through a five-point scale questionnaire and through fill-in-blank test.
The secondary data were collected from email, SMS and chat texts. The
completed questionnaires were transferred to a text file and then
imported to SPSS statistical software to do analysis.
Through analyzing the data collected from thefive-point scale
questionnaire, it was found that the respondents had a negative attitude
towards ICT and they viewed it to have a negative impact on the
structure of Standard English. Through analyzing the fill-in-blank test,
it was found that ICT created lack of comprehension for the
respondents. By analyzing the texts of emails, SMSes and chats, it was
found that ICT is differently used and it is also difficult to control
and find certain patterns followed. The researcher concludes that ICT
showed a reckless disregard for Standard English.