Improving Paragraph Writing Skills of Saudi EFL University Students Using Flipped Classroom Instruction

Author: Chatta Bala Swamy

Keywords: Blended learning, Educational technology, flipped classroom, paragraph writing, Saudi EFL students, technology-integrated learning


The study aims to examine the effect of Flipped Classroom Instruction in improving the paragraph writing skills of Saudi EFL students. Level-1 Writing course (NAJM 163) students of Business College are the participants of the study. Two sections of the course were selected randomly, and control and experimental groups were formed. A mixed-method supported for the collection of data using pre and posttests for the two groups, a questionnaire, and a group discussion with the experimental group. The topics from the textbook were identified, and videos selected from. YouTube are shared with the experimental group through the E-Learning portal of the university called Blackboard. The control group was taught using the traditional method consisting of classroom lectures and doing exercises and practice at home. The findings showed that there is a significant difference between the control and experimental groups statistically. The experimental group students wrote better paragraphs, and there is a considerable improvement in their writing. The students and the instructor showed a positive attitude towards Flipped Classroom Instruction. Therefore, the present study recommends that implementing flipped classroom instruction in the EFL university classrooms of Saudi Arabia improves paragraph writing skills of students.