How to Improve Information Literacy at School: The Students’ Perspective

Author: Tulio Barrios Bulling

Keywords: improvement, information literacy, self-assessment, skills development

DOI: 10.17265/2161-623X/2020.02.001

Information literacy (IL) is gaining importance and recognition as modern society develops. Consequently, it is becoming increasingly vital to initiate its development from very early educational stages. Though students are the main agents of this process their opinions are rarely considered to design and assess IL development programs. This study conducted at a Chilean private school aims to bridge this gap. How do students value their school’s IL program? What importance do they attribute to different IL skills? Where and how do they acquire and apply these skills? The main findings evidenced formal and informal learning environments; guided in-class work and solo work seemed to be the main means, and there appeared to be conceptual confusion among IL, computer, and digital skills. Additionally, the current study provides a set of suggestions to enhance IL at the targeted school.