Foreign Language Teachers’ Beliefs about School in Algeria within a Context of Curriculum Reforms


Keywords: Teachers’ beliefs; curriculum reforms; foreign language teaching; school in Algeria; policy and power in education


This paper reports on a qualitative study which explored the beliefs of a sample of foreign language teachers about school in Algeria within a context of curriculum reforms. It was found that the participants believed that the Algerian school was generally a site of power and domination; that there was a drastic lack of  resources; that students were unmotivated; that parents were disengaged; and that school administration was bureaucratic. The paper concludes that curriculum reforms in Algeria were not paralleled with social, economic and political reforms of educational institutions. It is suggested that there is an urgent need to equip schools with resources to make them adequately prepared for the effective implementation of the new curriculum. However, in the long term, it is suggested that policy-makers should promote a culture of active participation of all those involved in education, mainly the teachers and parents, towards improving the current situation of schools in Algeria, and ultimately, of the educational system.