Fear of Negative Evaluation in an EFL Setting: An Algerian Case Study

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Title:Fear of Negative Evaluation in an EFL Setting: An Algerian Case Study
Author: Nadia Idri, PhD
Publication: November, 2016
Publisher: Editions universitaires Européennes. ISBN : 978-3-639-83231-0
Algeria has known an important phase at higher education since 2004.The adoption of the LMD reform was a turning point to all counterpartsof the higher education sector. The author of this book witnessed thetransition from the classical system to the LMD system. This was thefirst incentive to conduct research on how students feel and live thischange. Evaluation is a key concept in the LMD reform. The author’sinterest is put on the students’ affective well-being while learningEnglish as a Foreign Language (EFL). Focus is put on Fear of NegativeEvaluation (FNE) as part of Foreign Language Anxiety (FLA). Four causesgrouped in three hypotheses make the core of this book. The authorused two research techniques; participant observation and face-to-faceinterviews. Results confirmed the existence of FNE linking the sourcesto: classroom interaction, error correction, the target language andevaluation. Language proficiency was deficient mainly in terms ofvocabulary and speaking among first year students. The book offers acomprehensive theoretical account on related concepts and a number ofrecommendations to cope with FLA.Dr. Nadia Idri is a senior lecturer at the Departmentof English, Bejaia University, Algeria and chairing aresearch team in LESMS lab. She is a major in ELTand a minor in educational psychology. Herexpertise covers affective factors, appliedlinguistics, learner autonomy, basic and highereducation, technology education and LMD Reform.