English Language Education at Ukrainian University: Interdisciplinary Aspect

Author: Svitlana Kuzmina

Keywords: English language education, interdisciplinary aspect, integration of knowledge, Ukrainian university

DOI: https://dx.doi.org/10.24093/awej/elt3.14

The main aim of the article is to consider the interdisciplinary aspect of English language education of pre-service teacher training at Ukrainian university. Since it is a review article, the paper intends to address the theoretical issue and the practical implementation of the interdisciplinary approach at Ukrainian universities. In the authors’ opinion, interdisciplinary aspect is important for raising the quality of language. It helps achieve the goal of Ukrainian pedagogy to bring up an all-round creative personality with the capacity and skills to establish an intercultural dialogue. English language proficiency is a facilitator for accomplishing these tasks. Thus, the authors believe that the purposes of pedagogical and language education research are interconnected and lie in the modernization of educational content. The study underscores the significance of the interdisciplinary aspect of English language specialists’ training. It encourages gaining and sustains knowledge through multiple teaching and learning styles and the integration of different disciplines. The findings of the study highlight the necessity to meet the requirements of Ukrainian society. They demonstrate the issue is worth addressing since it improves the educational practices and raises the prestige of Ukrainian education.