Digital narrative as a method of emergency distance learning

Author: Alona Prykhodko

Keywords: algorithm, digital narrative, emergency distant learning, foreign languages teaching


The article deals with digital narrative, which is introduced as a method of emergency distance learning. In the paper, the results of the interviews of the first and second year students of O.M. Beketov National University of Urban Economy in Kharkiv concerning the quick transition to the entirely online teaching mode are presented, the advantages and disadvantages of the emergency distance learning are analysed with the reference to the Ukrainian cultural context. It is emphasized that the modern form of blended learning can be the most effective mode of training if it combines traditional face-to-face classes with online forms of educational communication, which can be easily transformed into emergency distance learning with the entirely remote access. The article constitutes digital narrative as one of the forms of transformation of traditional education into the emergency distance learning. The algorithm for implementing the digital narrative technology in teaching English and Ukrainian as foreign languages is presented. In the article, the discussion components that can be problematic for using digital narrative technology in the process of emergency distance learning are pointed out. In conclusion, the authors presume that the technology of digital narrative as a form of emergency distance learning proved its efficiency in the study of languages both in the face-to-face classes and in the emergency distance learning mode, it has strong transformational power and can be used for teaching various academic disciplines.