Difficulties Encountered in Teaching English Pronunciation for EFL Learners

Author: Nadia Ghounane



The ultimate aim behind learning phonetics is to communicate effectively without errors because pronunciation plays a spindle role in English language learning. However, EFL learners encounter hindrances in learning correct pronunciation due to the lack of interaction with native speakers; as a matter of fact, they need a leg up from teachers who should provide them with enough and intensive practice. To this vein, the current research work is mainly concerned with finding solutions for pronunciation lacuna of EFL learners and to establish the remedial teaching and learning strategies that can help them in realizing oral proficiency. As such, data were collected quantitatively and qualitatively by means of a questionnaire and an audio recording test for speech of 150 first year students at Dr. Moulay Tahar University. The findings revealed that students are not motivated towards learning pronunciation and, henceforth they fail to procure a command of the language in interaction. The results also showed that there are teaching difficulties due to the absence of language laboratories and teaching strategies that enhance a fair practice of correct pronunciation.
Keywords: English phonetics, EFL learning and teaching, first year students, pronunciation errors