Determining How Social Media Affects Learning English: An Investigation of Mobile Applications Instagram and Snap Chat in TESOL Classroom


Keywords: Instagram, Language Learning, Snap Chat, Social Media. Teaching English


The purpose of this research paper was to explore the effects of social media in learning English speaking and reading skills. Although social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snap chat, are mostly used socially and for marketing, they also have a significant impact on learning English. In determining how social media affects learning English, this paper will be focusing on mobile Apps; Snap chat and Instagram. The paper investigates how user attitude, experience, and perception influence the use of Instagram and Snap chat in learning the English language in a classroom. The research was done on different databases including Academic Search Complete, Education Source, ERIC, Library, Information Science, and Technology Abstracts; and Professional Development Collection. Research shows that learners with social media accounts are less enthusiastic about learning English, even if it means recreational reading. This differs from the learners without user accounts whose attitude of learning English speaking skills is positive. This research paper concludes that, in comparison to Snap chat, Instagram is a more effective social media platform for engaging and learning of the English language. This contributes to a greater understanding of the English language and its culture while providing more practical knowledge and promoting interactions. However, more research is needed to determine the impact of Snapchat on learning English speaking skills.