Constraints Facing the Implementation of Competency Based Approach in Teaching English in Algerian Context

Author: Nadia Ghounane




In order to improve the learning and teaching process, Algeria has adopted a new educational reform which is characterised by the use of the Competency Based Approach. This reform involves teaching languages through understanding their cultural constraints. To achieve this goal is not an easy task since it requires teaching cultural differences without influencing the learner’s identity. In this vein, the rationale of the current research paper is to provide an inkle eye on the new policy of the Algerian educational system and the implementation of the Competency Based Approach, with a focus on third year secondary school and the strategies provided for teaching English language. Ultimately, another concern of this research work is to uncover some pedagogical problems facing the teaching/ learning process and restraining the improvement of EFL learning and teaching. To fulfil this claim, the present research paper provides an in-depth look at the approach and its outcomes on English Foreign Language Learning through approaching a systematic analysis based on a questionnaire, an interview and classroom observation. To this end, the findings proved that students encounter many difficulties to understand scientific texts inserted in their textbooks. They also demonstrated that learners meet many problems in communication during classroom interaction.
Keywords: Algerian educational system, competency based approach,
EFL learners, teaching/learning process, English language