Conceptual Metaphors in Milan Kundera’s Novel, Life Is Elsewhere

Author: Sara Mechraoui

Keywords: Conceptual metaphors, cognitive linguistics, Milan Kundera, Metaphor Identification Procedure VU University Amsterdam, Life Is Elsewhere.


This study’s primary purpose is to account for the unstated interpretation of Kundera’s novel Life Is Elsewhere (1973) from a cognitive stylistic perspective. His style seems at the first plain, but his philosophical and psychological treatment of subjects is significantly necessary than the narratological world he creates. The identification of the conceptual metaphors and both mega and micro-metaphors constitute the core elements of this paper. Following the title of life as elsewhere metaphor, the metaphors used in the novel are identified in the selected passages based on the metaphoricity they display. Thus, the procedure used is informed by the Metaphor Identification Procedure University Amsterdam since it is strategic and feasible. Excerpts from the novel are selected instead of the whole text for reasons of scope and space. The study’s findings are supposed to open up areas for research on the effects of metaphor-based analysis on working out the meaning of difficult contemporary items as far as literary dictum is concerned.