Characterizing English Language Literacy among Famous English Language Educators in China

Author: Jie Lin

Keywords: English language literacy, famous English language Educators, narrative study, teaching and learning


The present study explores the features of English language literacy among 12 famous English language educators since the opening-up policy in China, using the narrative research approach.The purpose of this paper is to examine the characteristics of English language literacy among some famous educators in China and the influencing factors in the process of their formations of English language literacy through the analysis of the narrative texts of some foreign languageeducators. The findings showed that English language literacy among these famous educators is fundamental, developmental, and comprehensive. In addition, it has been found that the formation of their English language literacy is related to social, teacher, and personal factors. This study will be insightful for the cultivation of English language literacy in curriculum reform, teaching practice, and evaluation. Moreover, it will be helpful for the construction of cultivating talents based on the English language literacy, the consummation of the research of English language literacy, and the profound fusion of the talent cultivation.