Characterization in literary discourse: A pragmatic study

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Keywords: Literary communication, characterization, Grice's maximx, implicature


Modern literary writers are regarded as being
fellow researchers into the basic structure of verbal communication on the
basis of modeling literary communication on the knowledge of pragmatic aspects.
Fiction writers, as literary authors, are really concerned with the basic
structure of verbal communication. This paved the way for linguists to
reconstruct literary communication by supplementing their knowledge with their
insights into the communication system by applying linguistic theories, aspects
and approaches to literary texts, whether written or spoken. The present study aims
to examine to what extent the pragmatic aspect of Conversational Implicature,
mainly meant for naturally occurring conversation, is of help in revealing the
development of the plot and reflecting the features  of the characters in Mansfield’s ‘The
Daughters of the Late Colonel’. To do so, Grice’s Cooperative Principle and its
Maxims (1975) are utilized by the researchers to
examine the above aim.
Among the conclusions arrived at , the
researchers state that it is sometimes difficult to determine whether a
particular maxim is flouted by the author or by any one of the characters,
sometimes it is difficult to determine whether or not a particular maxim is
flouted, and  the author sometimes
reports what he believes to be false just to enrich the fictional world
presented and to create a greater impact on the reader.