Challenges of English Language Teaching in Yemeni Primary and Secondary Schools


Keywords: English Language Teaching, Challenges, AL-Dhalea, Primary and Secondary Schools


In recent decades, English has become an indispensable part of the Yemeni primary and secondary school curriculum. It is not only a matter of being a compulsory subject within the school curriculum but it is also an area of study that many students/ pupils want to develop. Many Yemeni parents have recently recognized the importance of English as a key to science, technology and business in our modern world and want their children to get mastery over English. Unfortunately, though its recognized importance by teachers, schoolmasters, students and parents, the outcomes, especially within the rural Yemeni context, are still low and most students can’t cultivate a good level of English during their pre-tertiary education due to many challenges that obstruct English language teaching in the Yemeni schools. This study was an attempt to survey challenges of English language teaching in AL-Dhalea primary and secondary schools from the viewpoints of 20 EFL senior teachers and supervisors for the purpose of identifying such challenges and suggesting some solutions and strategies for better English language teaching. Findings show that large classes, lack of teaching aids, teachers’ low proficiency in English and their limited experience with communicative language teaching are considered as major challenges of English language teaching in the concerned Yemeni primary and secondary schools.