Blackboard as a Motivator for Saudi EFL Students: A Psycholinguistic Study


Keywords: E-Learning, Motivation


Blackboard is a learning
management system that provides students with an opportunity to access
the course at their convenience. Blackboard makes it possible for
students to do online activities, interact with other students and their
teachers, review instructional materials, and listen to the recorded
classes. Students can also attend live lectures and discussion via
virtual classes (collaborative blackboard) from homes, cafés, or from
anywhere they choose. All of these features can be accessed by students
anytime and anywhere. This facility might motivate English as a Foreign
Language (EFL) students to study effectively and efficiently. The
purpose of this research is to investigate the use of Blackboard system
in teaching and learning and evaluate its influence on motivating Saudi
English students. It looks at the role of Blackboard on English
students’ motivation from their own point of view and tries to determine
whether students encounter issues that affect their motivation.
El-Seoud et al. (2014, p. 2) believed that “the success or failure of
online instruction is perhaps related to student motivation”. This study
is conducted at the University of Bisha in Saudi Arabia. The sample
consisted of 80 students from the English Department. This is a mixed
method study of the students who use Blackboard for online learning. The
study found that using Blackboard motivated students to work harder and
learn better than traditional methods of learning. It also found that
students believe that Blackboard is a motivating factor. Some
demotivating factors have also been identified in this study