Attitudes of EFL Teachers toward the Competency Based Language Teaching: The Case of South Algerian Secondary Schools in Adrar

Author: bachir BOUHANIA

Keywords: Adrar, Algeria, secondary schools, Competency-Based Language Teaching, English as a Foreign Language


After more than seventeen years of implementation (2003) in the Algerian educational system, English as a Foreign Language (EFL) teachers react unexpectedly to the Competency-Based Language Teaching (CBLT). They show resistance and resilience to change via variable attitudes towards CBLT. The paper reports the results of a field investigation carried out in eight secondary schools in Adrar, cultural and administrative capital of the southwest of Algeria. It assesses south Algerian EFL teachers’ attitudes towards CBLT through a questionnaire administered to twenty educators. The most striking answers are the teachers’ negative attitudes and diverging opinions toward its “top-down” implementation. The findings
highlight a major issue to the Ministry of Education, the syllabus designers, and the teachers at the micro-level, for they impact negatively on the spread and success of CBLT. The paper invites for debates about curricula and pedagogy in Algeria.