Appropriate Teaching Methods for General English and English for Specific Purposes from Teachers’ Perspectives

Author: Lubna Khalil

Keywords: article


Teaching methodology has a significant impact on the learning process of students. The English language has changed over time. This research investigates the most appropriate and useful teaching methods for teaching General English (GE) and English for Specific Purposes (ESP) in the Saudi context. This study is an attempt to share experienced English as a foreign language (EFL)/ English as a second language (ESL) teachers’ methodology for teaching EG and ESP to Saudi EFL learners. The paper aims to answer the following questions: 1) What are the conventional methods for teaching GE and ESP?; 2) What are the English teachers’ perceptions of these effective teaching pedagogies?; 3) What are the practical measures to improve student efficiency in learning English? The sample of the study was n = 63 English teachers randomly selected at different universities in Saudi Arabia. For collecting the quantitative data, 63 native and non-native experienced English teachers were requested to fill in a semi-structured questionnaire. The results show that 73% of the English language teachers prefer to use the Communicative Language Teaching (CLT) along with other teaching methods. The findings shed light on some highly useful teaching methods that have proved successful in EG and ESP classes. The researchers expect the study will be significant in contributing to the most appropriate methods used in Saudi Arabia for language teachers. Hopefully, teachers wishing to teach in the future will have an insight into the teaching methods that fulfill the requirements of the students.