An Exploration of Yemeni Student-teachers’ Self- perceptions of themselves as Writers

Author: Prof Dr Mohammad Abdu Ahmed Al-Mekhlafi

Keywords: Self-perception, Writing, Student teachers, Yemen


study investigates the impressions and self perceptions of a group of
Yemeni student teachers about themselves as writers. A total of 208 Yemeni
student teachers participated in this study during the second semester of the
academic year 2006/2007. The subjects were asked to react to 38 statements
of the Writer Self-Perception Scale (WSPS) developed by Bottomley et al.
(1997/1998). Analysis of the responses received indicates that the total
average of the means for the whole instrument is (3.8) out of the five- point
scale with (76.4%). The results show that Yemeni trainee-teachers perceive
themselves with an average capability to write effectively. On the other
hand, they seem to find it difficult to compare their own writing performance
in relation to their peers or to assess the direct and indirect input about
their writing derived from their teachers, classmates and family members.
The results also indicate that there is no statistically significant difference
in the perceptions and views held by the female and male subjects regarding
their writing.
Keywords: (Self-perception, Writing, Student teachers, Yemen)