An EFL Teacher Education Programme: Issues and Concerns from a Yemeni University

Author: Morshed

Keywords: pedagogical practices, supervision, teacher education, teaching practice


Teacher education programmes (TEPs) promote unique experiences that involve a deep understanding of teaching needs, advanced strategies, preparation and training at universities or schools. The main objective of this study is to investigate the English teacher education programme (ETEP) in order to reform and develop current teaching practices in a rapidly developing area of research. The present study aims to look at three main areas which include the university preparation strategy, classroom teaching and supervisory support of an ETEP in Yemen. The data were collected through a questionnaire emailed to all the fourth-year student teachers of the English Department, Faculty of Education, at a public university in Yemen. The results reveal several issues concerning university courses, pedagogical practices, planning lessons, methodologies, and approaches. They disclose some inconsistencies between the
proposed strategies at the university and the actual classroom implementation. The results also indicate that the present teaching duration is insufficient to realize the real benefits of the program for sustainable growth. The study provides some recommendations for student
teachers, teachers, supervisors, curriculum designers, and policymakers.