An Attempt at Promoting Undergraduate Sudanese EFL Students’ Performance in Academic Writing Skills

Author: Ammar Mohammed Ahmed Mudawy

Keywords: academic writing, performance, undergraduate EFL students


The study aims at suggesting effective methods and techniques that could improve English as a foreign language EFL students’ performance in writing skills. The researcher uses the descriptive,analytical method. Four tools were adopted pretest, post-test, supporting program, and a questionnaire for teachers for collecting data. Twenty-five students in Holy Quran University,Sudan, were chosen purposively, and thirty EFL teachers at a university level were randomly selected as a sample for the study. Ninty percent of the teachers agree on the suggested program and techniques. The findings of the study indicate that: using varied techniques and activities in pre-writing stage promotes students’ performances in writing, integration of reading and writing skills in the classroom improves students’ writing skills, as well as encouraging extensive reading outside the classroom promotes students’ performance in writing skills. Accordingly, the researcher recommends that: teachers should focus on the pre writing stage through different
activities as well as reading and writing should be used in an integrated way in class writing toguide the writing process.