A Syntactic-o-Semantic Study of English Resumptive Pronouns in University Students of English Written Performance

Author: Ali Hussein Hazem

Keywords: Resumptive pronouns, Gaps, Traces


The present study aims at exploring some difficulties that university students of English face when using resumptive pronouns in their written performance. It is hypothesized that Students of English are not fully aware of this type of pronouns; therefore, they use them randomly. Consequently, students might be interrupted by the interference of their native language (Arabic). To investigate the validity of the hypothesis, twenty samples of 4th-year students of English written performance have been selected and analyzed to detect their ability to distinguish resumptive pronouns from other pronouns. The study concludes that students make grammatical errors concerning resumptive pronouns due to two main reasons: interlingual and intralingual; both affect the way they compose their essays.