A Study on Undergraduate Students’ Co-Operative Learning of Reading Comprehension Performance in the Classroom


Keywords: Vocabulary, Extensive reading ,Intensive reading ,identifying Synonyms

DOI: 10.36106/ijar

One of the biggest challenges for teachers face today is how to improve an enhance the reading comprehension skills. Reading is an essential skill because most new knowledge is transferred either via printed or digital text .I addition to this, Reading comprehension is crucial for undergraduate students for their academic and professional success. They need excellent reading skills because they may be required to read different reading materials.Basic knowledge that, knows how to decode words,read text aloud,write neatly and spell accurately is simply not enough.In addition to these skills,students must have an adequate knowledge base, vocabulary, numerous metacognitive skills and abilities. The present work tries to study language skills of the student’s Co-operative learning of Reading comprehension who are studying in undergraduate, which experimented with strategically and effective reading skills .The experiment resulted in motivation students to read text outside the syllabus.