A Review of Research into Google Apps in the Process of English Language Learning and Teaching

Author: admin

Keywords: Blended learning, English Language learning and teaching, Google Apps, Online learning

DOI: https://dx.doi.org/10.24093/awej/vol11no1.27

GALL (Google Assisted Language Learning) refers to Google as a collaborative and communicative tool that supports online and blended language learning.  This research paper presents an overview of previous studies on using Google Apps in the process of learning and teaching of English language. A systematic search on ERIC digital library and Google Scholar reviewed the previous studies published during the last ten years. There were one hundred seventy-eight articles, and thirty-four studies were sorted and analyzed using NVivo software. This systematic review showed that using some Google Applications, resulted in developing English language learning and teaching. The writing was the most language skill investigated. Translation practices have changed due to using machine translation with the help of Google Translate web site. Besides, more studies with concern for reading skills, speaking skills, oral reading, and the Google speech recognition system emerged
as a promising field for further research.