A Psychological Perspective of Female Characters in Doris Lessing’s The Golden Notebook and Anita Nair’s Ladies Coupe

Author: Tawhida Akhter

Keywords: Oppression, Psychological exploration, Inner psyche, Psychological and Emotional Inequalities, Subjugation.


Doris Lessing and Anita Nair, both are the eminent women writers, writing in English. They holdrevolutionary ideas about marriage and man- woman relationship. It moves around the world to keep the lives
enriched with feelings. Doris Lessing in her worldly praised novel The Golden Notebook has presented the manwoman relationship in a better way to depict that how one gender oppresses the other. She has shown the image
of these marginalised women in the image of its protagonist Anna Wulf. Since from the beginning of her life she
has been the victim both within and outside the family. Anita Nair also has presented in her novel Ladies Coupe,
modern Indian women’s search for identity in male dominated society. Both the novels primary focus on
psychological exploration of inner self of its female characters. Lessing and Nair permeate deep into the inner
psyche of the depressed women by virtue of their feminine sensibility and psychological insight and bring out
their issues, which are mainly because of the psychological and emotional inequalities in a society. Since the
beginning of this world Women have been quite suppressed and oppressed both outside and inside of her family
and this transfer is expressed by the quest for self-identity. This quest for identity leads to self discovery which
pervades in the selected novels of Doris Lessing and Anita Nair. Their concept of a free woman transcends the
limits of economic or social freedom, but relates to her mental and emotional attitude and wellbeing