A Pragma-Dialectical Approach to Argumentative Discourse

Author: Touria Drid

Keywords: Argumentation, dialectic, logic, pragma-dialectics, speech act

DOI: 10.5782/2223-2621.2016.19.4.20

Theoretical and procedural diverseness is a feature characterising the study of argumentation. The common core in all perspectives is to examine a type of discourse that attempts to convince another party of the acceptability of one’s view(s) through a set of arguments, but what differs, to a larger or lesser extent, is the theoretical apparatus through which discourse is scrutinised. The present paper offers a general account of the pragma-dialectical approach to argumentation. Expatiating on the principal theoretical and methodological lines on which the theory proceeds, the paper aims at delineating the analytical tools provided in this paradigm to handle the intricacies of argumentative discourse.