Yazan Abu Jbara

Name:  Yazan Abu Jbara
Institution / University: University of Kent
Country of your Institution / Work: United Kingdom
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Field / Major / Research Interest: Humanities, School of English, Comparative Literatire. Colonialism and postcolonialism
The thesis examines the imprisoned, wounded body in the Arab world in the colonial and postcolonial periods. By focusing on prison literature, film, and documentaries from Algeria, Palestine, Iraq and Syria, I interrogate the relationship between oppressive authority and excluded and oppressed citizens. By focusing on the suffering Arab body across the twentieth century, I trace the effect of imprisonment and torture historically, and read it as an allegory of national condition. To what degree is prison in Arab literature and cultural production a microcosm for wider society? And how does it change in the period before and after colonialism?
Dr Stella Bolaki and Dr Bashir Abu-Manneh
Title of Thesis / Dissertation: Prison, Body, and Nation in Arab Culture: Colonialism and After
Name of Adviser: Dr.Bashir Abu Manah