Tasneem Ashaer

Name:  Tasneem Ashaer
Institution / University: An-Najah National University
Country of your Institution / Work: Palestine
Email: Contact us
Field / Major / Research Interest:  Applied Linguistics and Translation
Tasneem Naser Ashaer is a lecturer at An-Najah National University, Palestine. She teaches English at the Language Centre. She holds an MA degree in Applied Linguistics and Translation. She has been teaching at the university since 2014. Before that she was a high school teacher at the governmental schools for six years.
Tasneem has experience in the field of translation and editing. She edits MA theses from the university students from different specializations. She participated in a number of conferences on translation.
She also worked as a news reporter for An-Najah radio station presenting the English news.
Title of Thesis / Dissertation:  A Semantic and Pragmatic Analysis of Three English Translations of Surat “Yusuf”
Name of Adviser: Dr Nabil Alawi