Susan Dun

NaProfileme: Susan Dun
Institution: Northwestern University in Qatar
Country: Qatar
Email: Contact us
Field / Major / Research Interest:Digital Literacies, Health Communication strategies in the Arab World
Dr. Susan Dun is Assistant Professor in Residence in the Media Industries and Technologies Program at Northwestern University in Qatar (NU-Q). She received her Ph.D. at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. She joined the faculty of Northwestern University in Evanston in 2000 prior to join the faculty at NU-Q. Dun’s research program investigates digital and health issues in the Arab world with a focus on message-based interventions to change health behaviors. Her current research on road safety in the Middle East investigates driving attitudes and behaviors of Arab men and message campaigns designed for change.
Title of Publication: Dun, S. A. & Eskandar, H. (2104). Digital Advantage? Bilingual Web Searchers Outperform Monolinguals. Proceedings of the European Conference on Media and Mass Communication, Brighton, UK, July. Dun, S. A. & Mutassem, D. (2014). Digital literacy in Arabic speakers: The role of bilingualism in effective use of Web resources. In Digital Janus: Looking Forward, Looking Back, D. Moser & S.A. Dun, (Eds), Oxford, UK: Inter-Disciplinary Press.