Steven Holland

Name:  Steven Holland
Institution / University: Koç Universlty
Country of your Institution / Work:  Türkiye
Email: Contact us
Field / Major / Research Interest:  TESOL, Academic Writing, Refugee Education
Steven Holland holds a BA English and an MA TESOL from Brigham Young University. He taught for several years as an adjunct writing and ESL instructor in the United States before joining the English Language Fellows Program in 2014, an EFL teaching program offered through the US Department of State. This assignment took him to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, where he worked for two years providing teacher training workshops across the Malayan Peninsula and running an ad hoc writing center. He has also presented at several academic conferences on topics ranging from error gravity to writing pedagogy to refugees. He currently works as a full-time academician at the School of Foreign Languages at Koç University.
Title of Thesis / Dissertation: Toward a more inclusive construct of L2 Chinese written error
Name of Adviser:  Dr. Wendy Baker-Smemoe